Happy Gummy® is a formulation carefully studied to provide a fusion of essential Vitamins, Minerals, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Folic acid and natural fruit juice ἀavors in a delicious gummy.

This complete multivitamin is specially formulated for Babies, Children, Young and Elderly.

Happy Gummy® provides a great-tasting and convenient alternative to traditional, hard-to-swallow pills.

Vitamin E, boosts the immune system and helps the body Ḁght germs.

Vitamin A, maintains healthy skin, eyes, teeth, gums, hair, membranes, and glands.

Vitamin C, helps form and repair red blood and keeps child’s gums healthy .

Vitamin D, builds strong teeth and bones. Essential for reaching growth potential and peak bone mass.

Vitamins B Complex, plays a role in metabolism, the nervous system, organs, muscles and hair.

Iron, important for making hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying red pigment in blood, and myoglobin.

Zinc, needed by more than 70 enzymes that aid digestion and metabolism, and essential for growth.

Folic acid, important for cell growth and metabolism. It also help pregnants have healthy babies.

Calcium, builds strong bones and teeth, promotes healthy nerve and muscle function.