Matynal provides an adequate supply of Minerals, Vitamins, Folic & Omega 3 during pregnancy and lactation in ONE CAPSULE. 

- Matynal uses the Microencapsulation technique to transform the Omega 3 oil in Omega 3 powder,

-  Matynal contains the biologically active form of folic acid QUATREFOLIC®,

- Matynal contains highly digestible Iron (fumarate),

- Matynal It contains all the components in the same capsule that can be taken at any time of day,

- Matynal is produced in GMP pharmaceutical standards.
The Folic acid in Matynal is biologically active and not need to be converted to the metabolically active 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF).

The Folic acid in Matynal is the fourth generation folate that surpasses all previous stability and bioavailability limitations.

OMEGA 3 (EPA & DHA) benefits for Mom and Baby

- Over 60% of the brain’s weight is made of fatty acids,

- 85% of brain phospholipids in the SNC contains DHA, that makes more fluid the neuronal membranes, favouring and modulating enzymatic acivities and to a correct neural development and synapses plasticity

- Omega 3 are used after childbirth for the production of breast milk.