Melaval® drops is a formulation studied to induce sleep, improves Sleep quality and promotes relaxation.

This triple action is important, because physiological sleep is possible when our body can maintain a balanced state of tranquility during the day, which means we will be ready for night sleep when evening comes.

Melaval® is indicated for:
✔ Enhance natural sleep & to improve its Quality,
✔ Promote relaxation also during the day to ease Tensions,
✔ Decrease the time of falling asleep,
✔ Increase the hours of sleep,
✔ Improve the quality of Vigil because the quality of sleep has improved,
✔ Those who suffer from Anxiety, Agitation, Stress, Sleep troubles and Feelings of Anguish.

The action of Melaval® is due to the association of synergistic extracts of: