OcuLife® eye drops is the first lacrimal integration with synergistic action of 6 components.
OcuLife® is based on cross-linked sodium hyaluronate, designed to obtain additional viscoelasticity and stability from the macro-molecule.
The crosslinking changes the shape of the hyaluronic acid which enables the drops to stay on the eye longer than regular hyaluronic acid drops.

OcuLife® drops is a wetting solution containing a balanced blend of natural extracts. Its balanced composition is as close as possible to tear fluid. Its pH has been studied to obtain maximum delicacy and plant extracts have been purified to avoid allergic phenomena.

OcuLife® drops contains fluid extracts of Chamomile, Aloe vera, Euphrasia, Hamamelis and Centaurea.

The choice of plant extracts is particularly indicated in subjects who suffer from frequent eye irritation from allergic conjunctivitis. Plant extracts, regularly used, prevent the phenomenon by stabilizing the tear flow. Drops are a natural alternative to the use of artificial eye drops and tears, they rinse, hydrate and give relief to red and irritated eyes.